Sugar Scrub $4
- Choose between essential oil combos (Spearmint and Tangerine, Lavender)
Bath Salts $5
- Serenity essential oil blend infused
Foaming Hand Soap $6
- Choose between essential oil combos (Lavender and Peppermint, Melaleuca and Peppermint)
All-Purpose Cleaner $9
- Refill $4
Linen/Air Mist $4
- A beautiful blend of Roman Chamomile and my favorite calm and refreshing essential oils.
Facial Toner $7
- A mix of the best anti-aging essential oils and rose infused witch hazel (not pictured)
Dishwasher Tabs $6
- 24 all natural dishwasher tabs (not pictured)


If you would like to make an order simply email me the list of what you would like and the quantity. I can ship the products to you for a fee (whatever the shipping comes out to) or meet in-person.


I take the following forms of payment: Venmo (app), ApplePay, Paypal, Cash, and Check.