My Journey...

Wow, looking back it's hard to believe all the life I've lived in my short 30 years. I've had the beautiful experience of being a daughter to my fierce and loving mother, Tonya. I graduated college at Virginia Commonwealth University. I even had the opportunity to travel the world which started with teaching English to my beloved students in Thailand. And three years ago, I met the man my mom and dad always dreamed I would meet. Now, my husband and I have a precious daughter that God gifted us to assist in this earthly realm. 

That's all great but inside there is a deeper story; a story of internal struggle. A struggle everyone finds themselves asking at some point... "What is my purpose?". There has also been a struggle to fight depression, grab hold of my spiritual beliefs, and to lift my self out of dangerous and unhealthy situations. Fortunately, I look upon these life happenings with gratitude and appreciation for making me who I am today.

At 30-years of age, I am just now finding my purpose and my calling. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it's supporting others in their wellness and spiritual journeys! 

My hope is that I can aid you in becoming the person you want to be and have dreamt to be. It is possible. My journey has led me to various tools and solutions, and I can't wait to share them with you!