My Toilet Smells Delicious

I don't know about you but I grew up with 409, bleach, Pine Sol, and Glade plug-ins. It was the norm to smother our bathroom and kitchen with these toxic chemicals on a weekly basis. Granted we had no idea that these products contained all the toxins they did (from the great marketing strategies of billion dollar companies). Still, we were a healthy family with an occasional sickness throughout the cold/flu seasons. You know just doing what every other family in America was doing... gotta keep the house clean, right?

Starting 3-4 years ago, my mind started pondering how these products were affecting me and my family. I would start cleaning my bathroom with all these products I've always used, and noticed the intense odor I was inhaling. To the point where I would have to take a break and get some fresh air. "This can't be good for me!" I thought. 

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On Guard wins again!


So, I knew I wanted a better and greener way to clean my house. I wasn't sure what that was but knew God would lead me to the answers I was looking for like He always does. Then one day, I went to an Essential Oils 101 class. Right away I knew I needed these natural solutions for me and my family. I purchased the kit, opened up the box, used a few, and then just let them sit there for a year!!!! Oh yeah.. that's the truth and I'm laying it all out there for you guys because it's not easy to change something you've been doing for 20+ years. It's possible but education is necessary for true change. 

After waiting way too long, I can now proudly say I use my oils EVERY day. I take them internally, apply them topically, and diffuse them in the air for aromatherapy. I took the time to research what oils to use and how to use them. My fabulous mentor stuck with me through it all and has guided me along my natural wellness journey.

I started implementing small steps into my families routine to slowly replace our toxic cleaners with natural essential oil based cleaners. It has really empowered us as a family to know we are using safe and effective products in our home where our 1-year old crawls, plays, and inhales clean air.

Making Foaming Hand Soap

Making Foaming Hand Soap


This made me want to learn more! I wanted to expand my knowledge of household cleaning products and recipes. So, I held a Make & Take class so I could learn with others ways to live a truly toxic-free life! We had such a great time and got to leave with a bag full of great cleaning products. Now, we can clean with great smelling, good for us products that are AFFORDABLE! Does it get better than that? 


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