School Ready: the oil way

It's the end of August already and most families are getting their kids back into school or starting up homeschooling! Moms and Dads we made it past summer, phew. A wild and fun ride but if y'all are feeling what I'm feeling, I am ready for a change. My little isn't big enough to go to Tuesday School yet but I am ready for a seasonal change, at least! 

So, if you me here this is where I break down why Motivate and cypress essential oils are going to be a great asset to you and your family. Starting the school year can be overwhelming and stressful for our kids and that in itself can lead to digestive issues, fatigue, and even the blues.

Now, let's look at some solutions...


Motivate essential oil is an oil blend that consists of peppermint, clementine, coriander, basil, melissa, and rosemary. This pure and safe essential oil blend is known for promoting feelings of confidence, creativity, and productivity. The best part about Motivate is you can buy it in the roller bottle, or Touch line, and it's already diluted and safe to use straight on your kids sensitive skin.

You can why you need this in your arsenal, right? 

Just to add a little science into why Motivate is so great, read on mama bear! Peppermint essential oil contains the constituent menthone which supports your body with antioxidants. One of Melissa's constituents is geraniel which supports cognitive and immune system function.. woo hoo!

Now, what is the second oil to help you through the school year? CYPRESS. My personal favorite at the moment.

Cypress essential oil was used in ancient times by the Greeks and they loved it so much they dedicated it to their god Pluto. The aroma of cypress is lively, clean, and energizing. Why is this oil going to be in your back to school toolbox? Because it contains a component called alpha-pinene that promotes feelings of calmness while also increasing energy! Also, a fun side-note, great for any kids that have a problem wetting the bed. 

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