Wake Up Inspired

Isn’t that life? Right when you’re feeling on top of the world, you’re aligned with Spirit, and got your sh*t together.. a stumbling block (or wall) comes to take you off course.

This happened to me last week. It was my fault of course and I completely brought it on myself. I believe there is a lesson in everything if you look hard enough and my hope is that my lesson resonates with you.


The struggles in life are essential to our growth and a gift. My goal this year is to really dive deep into those pains and struggles. One, so y’all know that I’m human. Two, to bring about positive ways to halt the negative emotions and actions before they consume your mind.  And myyy goodness do those negative emotions have a way of just lingering!

So, what are we going to do when we self-sabotage, go down the wrong path, yell at your kid, fight with your hubby, say something mean about a friend.. or stranger?

The past two weeks, I’ve been on a HUGE emotional and spiritual journey. I have learned so much about how to deal with emotions and excited to share. Most of you know by now that I’m an essential oil junkie, and without them I’d be a hot hot mess! But here are a few other things you can do to disengage from negative and hurtful emotions, and get yourself back on track. 

  • Physically get out off the negative space. Find somewhere peaceful: nature, a quiet place in your home, your local coffee shop.

  • Meditate. Grab some oils if you have them. Put 2 drops of an oil you are drawn to on your hands and inhale. Breath deep several times. Quiet your mind. Breath in the Light and exhale completely.

  • Yoga. There are so many great reasons why yoga is good for your mind, body, and spirit. I will get into all that later... and I’m still learning so much. You don’t need to have a mat or an instructor. Just look up a few poses online, take some time to stretch and give thanks to your body. Breathe. 

  • Journal. Something I am getting back into and have remembered how freeing and healing it is. It’s your space. Your words. Your way to release things that no longer serve you and bring in new patterns of wellness and gratitude.

  • Repeat. Maybe one of the most important parts because retraining your mind takes time and it will disrupt your normal routine. It might get hard but stick with it. If you have emotions coming up.. let them soak in, stay in that emotion and moment, let it work itself through you. Cry if you need to cry and laugh if you need to laugh. Thank that emotion and let it go. 

I believe in this life a part of our journey is to learn how to step out of our EGO and into SPIRIT. Ego disconnects you from others while Spirit brings the message of oneness, love, and truth. So, when your ego shows itself don't beat yourself up. We are on this path for a reason. All we can do is limit the amount of time we let ego occupy our mind and try to quickly reset to connect with Spirit. 

You are beautiful inside and out. You are a “unique portion of the existence of God” as Dr. Wayne Dyer has said. We all have an opportunity in this life to be better everyday. Even when we are super spiritual, connected with the Earth, and selling millions of self-help books… we will still stumble and maybe fall but it’s your choice on how long you want to stay down.

Rise up! SHOW UP!

And spread the Love and Light!

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