Putting Together the Pieces

There is nothing better than being on verge of something new and fresh. The excitement that builds with possibilities of dreams and ambitious goals coming to fruition. Waking up way too early because I just can't wait to get my creative juices flowing... and my morning coffee.

My whole life has lead to this point... and so has yours! For the past 29 years, God has been guiding my path, educating me, and allowing me to share the Light. I have been picking up puzzle pieces, not knowing where they belong or if they even fit. But I had FAITH. Faith that everything in our lives happens for a reason. Faith that we, as humans, on this wonderful green Earth all have a purpose. We all have power. Our goal is to find our passion and purpose and use it to grow into our power. 

Finally, I feel like I get to put together a little piece of my puzzle. I can see the small pieces I've collected over the years finding their match, starting to make sense. That feeling I had when I was a young girl that "I feel like I am going to do something big and good for the world" is coming true in its own light. 

My vision is to share with you my journey, my struggle... because we all struggle. Your puzzle will not look like my puzzle. Your puzzle will be beautiful and glorious and fill your heart with joy. Adding more beauty and mystery to this puzzle is that it's continually growing and evolving into something more magnificent than anything we could ever imagine. 

So, why do you care about my journey and all my pieces? 

Because we are incomplete without each other. Our journeys are meant to be shared. Our puzzles would not be complete without friends and family looking in every once and awhile and seeing that the puzzle piece we've been trying to find for hours was right in front of our face. We are a community. We are ONE. We are LOVE. You are pieces to my puzzle!

Now, let's share our passions, pain, struggles, and glorious wins! We are on fire and are spreading fast. Let's build a community of love you amazing warriors of light!